Get over it

I'm finally clearing out my "to post" folder and that also means that I'm clearing out all the outfits from what had to be one of the hardest work periods of my life.  I've never felt so stressed, discouraged, beaten down as I did last winter/spring.  I was working insane hours and had a minimal social life as a result.  It wasn't healthy and I'm so glad to have moved past that time and have started to regain confidence in myself.
 It's still a work in progress but I've made the decision to just get over it.  Sure, it still brings back a lot of emotions and deciding to stay at my job was my choice and a constant reminder of what I've been through but it's also a reminder of what I was able to overcome and work through.  I'm stronger for it and I'll be even stronger when I bounce back 100%.
(Thrifted Banana Republic Sweater, Thrifted Top, Macy's leggings, Target boots)
Do you have the job you want?  Did you have to choose between doing what you want and being financially more secure?  What made you come to that decision?
XO Lori Lynn 

Cute without the E

(Taking Back Sunday)
I feel like an emo song title post is clearly approp. for a super emo set of pictures...I know for a fact that this was during my depressed awful months at work last spring but on the plus side, I think I finally managed moody style blogger photos (I still don't get how some of you ladies manage to look so serious in pictures-I almost always just want to smile).  So this might be a really rare occurrence so lets all take a moment to soak it in.
Enough time?  Ok, let's proceed.  This is legit one of my most repeated outfits and usually my go to I overslept outfit because it doesn't get much easier than a baggy tunic and leggings.  And I'm sorry but that's not always a bad thing...leggings can be pants if they are thick enough and if your tush is covered.  That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
(Thrifted Michael Kors tunic, Macy's leggings, target boots)

XO Lori Lynn 

Born Free

The Prabal Gurung collection for target is one of my favorite that they've had thus far and unfortunately this was the only piece I snagged.  It has everything I love wrapped into one singular magical article of clothing and I just realized I haven't worn it in FOREVER (note to self: Dig this bitch out of the closet and wear stat).  I've worn it with a bunch of different bottoms but I really bought it with the intention of wearing it to work.
It's very springy so I think it's about time it made it back into regular rotation.  As i was writing this I was trying to figure out who it reminded me of and when I started flipping through my iphone for song titles I came across M.I.A and basically a lightbulb probably flickered over my head.  That is exactly who I think would wear this top (especially if she had a professional desk job-I hope for her sake that she never does)...M.I.A.  Right?!
M.I.A. wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas
 I flipping adore her style.  A-dore. And Born's an epic song to workout to.  Just sayin.
(Top Prabal Gurung,  Skirt Turnstyle Kenneth Cole, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Target)

Did you score any pieces from P.G.?  Do you still wear them?

XO Lori Lynn 


(Vampire Weekend)
I think I've mentioned it before but in high school/college I went through many style phases (like most teenagers I think...or hope?!)... The longest was for suremy punk phase which basically meant jeans, a band t-shirt or sweat shirt and some typical punk accessories.  Of course I went though some super special hair phases too, at least I never tried a glue mohawk or anything though...  
 By the end of high school I had fallen in love with my first floral prints and interspersed those with my typical jeans and t uniform.  It made no sense how I could like two such opposite styles but I did and I didn't care (too much) that it was illogical.  Speaking of illogical, this outfit probably is but I also legit don't care.  It was a bright sunny ray of sunshine and it needed to occur and exist.
(Missoni for Target sweater, ASOS dress, Forever 21 tights and headband, Modcloth Shoes)
XO Lori Lynn 

Weigh in Wednesday: Month 1 recap and Insty Yoga Challenge

Let's just get really real here for a second.  This past year hasn't been great for pursuing my be the best I can be physically.  Have I been bad?  No.  (and I need to keep reminding myself of that) but does my body respond to eating and working out like a normal person-no, no it does not.  It's infuriating but I have to find ways to keep trying, keep working and keep finding a better balance between working out and still having a social and fulfilling life.
10K here I come!
That being said, The past month and a half have actually been really good for me.  I met my goals for February and I'm doing great for March.  I've been using instagram to keep track of what I've done and I challenged myself to do and post a yoga challenge: Backbendmadness2014 from @liquidoactive @kinoyoga@beachyogagirl and @fitqueenirene.

Besides (some) twists and obviously advanced inversions, I'm the worst at backbends...I needed to be challenged to practice them every day.  Not to mention it's been a great motivation to do even a short yoga practice every day.

As uncomfortable as it makes me to post photos of myself doing yoga, it's been a great motivation and is already making me work towards better form.

Check out my Insty here:

or via the app: @sliceospecial

To recap my main workouts:
I did....
700 minutes of cardio
When the Zombie Apocalypse comes...just remember your Zumba moves. The single, single, double should confuse them.
120 minutes of strength training
33 miles on the cross ramp
about 9,000 calories burned
Ended up doing 14 gym days
and took nearly 2 minutes off my average mile time when doing a 10k.
Whatever your workout of choice is: Zumba, Spinning, Resistance Training, Running 10k's, Yoga, you get the idea....FIND YOUR EDGE, PLAY THE EDGE at least once during that workout. Make it a solid point in every single workout to have a moment. Have a moment where you push yourself to the edge, at least for a second. You will never regret it, and your workouts will never be the same.
I also signed up for my first 10k  and plan to sign up for at least 1 5k and 1 more 10k for this summer.
Anyone interested in holding up signs like this in October...I fully support:
There's a few hills I'm interested in OWNING.
I cannot wait to get Sherlock out on the trail running once all this effing snow melts.
Until then I shall zumba my booty off:
We Zumba people love us some Pitbull. This could also apply to Daddy Yankee. Check out my post for more about music.
Beast mode is on and I'm going to really work on enjoying what I've accomplished and use the fact that I've lost 3 pounds as a cherry on top.

XO Lori Lynn


So, part of my new year's plan (I don't think it really fits as a resolution) is to find more balance in my life.  Part of this is finding a good mix of working out, spending more time at home with Rand and the pups, blogging more, drawing, trying new things, and reading...on top of my usual going out and happy/yappy houring.  

Working out can easily become all I do.  That and eating healthy.  While there's nothing wrong with working out and eating healthy, when it's your main focus for 2+ years you start to go crazy, or at least I did, especially when I realized I couldn't keep up with my schedule of working out and cooking/meal planning and add socialization and then a more well balanced life on top.  I burnt out.  I took more or less 2 months off from the gym after months of half assing it work out wise and regrouped.  

Like I said, part of my regroup was making sure I read more.  I read a book for book club this month, I also am working on finally reading the last book in the divergent series-Allegiant.  SPOILERS(ish)'ve been warned...
(Dress:?, Sweater: Macy's, Shoes: Clothes Mentor-Jessica Simpson, Necklace: Gifty from Miss Cambria, earrings: Betsey Johnson)

What the fuck Veronica Roth, what. the. fuck.  
I was forewarned that I'd hate the book, full disclosure.
So, I was pretty open to the writing style change that basically has us switching from Tris to Four and that the book was clearly not going to be up to the standard of the first two.  So, for the first 1/4 of the book I was pretty alright with everything, in fact I plowed through it until the big know...what we've been waiting 2.5 books for-what's outside the walls. 

I literally wanted to throw my effing book across the room.  Again, full disclosure, I still haven't finished the stupid book.  It has sat for a week-maybe a little more actually at this point.  I even tried to tempt myself by flipping ahead to a random page to keep me going because I got to the point where I knew there would be no happy resolution to this stupid story (Not that I need a happy ending-but at least a mediocre solution to the main conflict that has driven the plot for the entire series)...I just can't bring myself to finish now because that page I flipped to revealed that just when I thought this series conclusion couldn't get any did. 

Will I finish it-yeah-will I go see the movie now-probably not...
Am I excited to continue with Game of Thrones and Outlander-eff yes-because those books-those are some awesomely entertaining reads.  

Thanks for letting me rant (and share my book reading portion of my new (attempt at a more) balanced life) .

That being said.  I found this in my never posted folder of outfits and I frankly don't know where this dress went but I probably should find it-it's a good professional dress, right?!   I honestly am not crazy about it but something tells me this is more of what I should be wearing to work...thoughts?!
XO Lori Lynn 

The Dino Trail Road Trip: Bozeman and the Museum of the Rockies

I don't want to play favorites, but Bozeman may or may not have been my absolute favorite stop of our trip.  After a disastrous of all disasters arrival (the address of the campground (that didn't take reservations) turned up to be someone's house-still not sure if they rented out campsites or not but we were creeped  out enough to not stop and find out. We had already decimated our accomodations budget for the trip so when the plan didn't work out, we just picked a centrally located, easy to find, nice looking campground and thus we had our first KOA experience.  Spoiled city.
We took one of the primitive sites, where someone had even left us a little welcome present (ok clearly an animal had gotten ahold of some kids toy and it was left behind but still, clearly a gift to say welcome to dino mecca)
We had a view of the Rockies, super super nice bathrooms, and basically no bugs-a welcome change from the high line nights!
The other super convenience was that the KOA was located directly next to a hot springs and a hot springs spa (that we had intended to go to).  
When I was ready to go have a nice long relaxing soak in the naturally heated hot tubs and pools, Rand ended up bailing on me.  Not going to lie, that was one of the biggest disappointments of the entire trip for me.  I'd only ever been in one hot spring before in Australia and frankly, it was gross, because it was a natural hot spring-here was a relatively cheap-I mean $4 per day is supes awesome (Yay KOA discount!) clean place to soak some aching muscles from long days of hiking, exploring, and time spent sitting in a car.  Needless to say, as awkward as I felt going by myself (and yes it was awkward even once I got there-maybe more than I had expected) with all of the families and couples that were there but I swam in the pool, I soaked in the varying temperature hot tubs and was super glad I went (even if it would have been better to share the experience with someone else).  In any case the next day we got up bright and early and went to the Museum of the Rockies right when it opened.
In fact, I was so excited, I jumped for Joy.

Of course we dove right into the Dinosaur Hall.  I couldn't wait one single second longer to see one of the best dinosaur displays in the country over one of the largest archives of dinosaur fossils in the county (maybe the world?) and curated by my hero and fave paleontologist Jack Horner.

We got to see the progressions of many species bones by ages:
We got to see Big Al the Allosaurus:
And learn about dinosaur injuries and illnesses (they can identify those sorts of things!).
Plus Stegosaurus fossils.

And lots and lots of deinonychus!  
We made friends with a docent and got to touch some dino bones and compare them to Randall.
And I got to hold a velociraptor skull (no, not a replica-the real deal-yes I have tears in my eyes-no you aren't allowed to judge me).
We saw egg clutches from Egg Mountain
And embryos within fossilized eggs.
I may or may not have done a super awkward happy dance (made even more awkward because there was apparently a woman behind me that I didn't know was there until now) when we got to the hall of horns and teeth (where my favsie happens to be located).
We also got to see a edmontosaurus' fossilized muscles and skin.
And then it happened.  I literally cannot think of a way to adequately put into words how incredible it was to see nearly complete Pachephalosaurus skulls.  And not just one-two.  This awkward moment happened:
I mean hello, we match.  And then I took at least 30 pictures from every conceivable angle just because, I felt the need.
I feel like there have been few moments in my life so far quite as incredible and overwhelming as this.
And trust me, I'm easily excitable and have done and seen some pretty amazing things, so, hopefully that beings to capture the excitement I felt.
Ok Ok, I'll stop with the pachys....and share with you this other amazeballs moment:
I fucking ankylosaurus skull....and tail.
Randy was pretty stoked.
After an epic stroll through the T-rex palooza (which included the first confirmed female dinosaur ever:  a t-rex whose ovaries were fossilized) and many an awesome tale to read about Rex discoveries in and around Hell Creek, we excited the dino hall and (mind you, we were there for HOURS) decided to go have our picnic lunch out front on the picnic know, in front of Big Mike and the Rockies.  No biggie. 
I mean how often do you get to eat your lunch with a dino.  And yes, this is the specific t-rex I have tattooed on my leg.
Other memorable moments included our encounter with this weird bird in the parking lot:

And literally watching every possible movie in the planetarium.  Rand really likes to follow rules and he was pissed I tried to take a picture before the movie started (after they said no cameras).  I like to think I get him to walk a little on the wild side-you know-taking rebellious photos in the museum.  Yup.  We are cray cray.
After such an exicting day we headed back to our campsite where we played with our newly acquired dino playing cards and kept score with my new awesome sauropod pen.
 Let's just say things got real nerdy when I got dealt the Pachycephalosaurus card.
 After some rest and relaxation we headed to downtown Bozeman to walk around downtown-look at future homes-and grab some pizza-because Rand needed pizza.
We went to the Mackenzie River Pizza company and had some of the best beer and pizza ever.  That basically sealed the deal for moving to Bozeman as soon as humanly possible.
 With the gorgeous views, nature, and all the conveniences of a city Bozeman won us over big time.
 To round out or last night there, we checked out the KOA mini golf
 Raided the camp store and found huckleberry ice cream bars
And continued our drawn journal of our trip.

I miss camping, I miss time spent with Rand out on the road, and I miss Bozeman but even just recapping these two amazing days fills my heart and soul with so much joy it helps me remember that life is incredible and that I can never lose sight of my dreams of being a paleontologist. 

Thanks for letting me geek out about all of our days on the dino trail.  I still have 2 more stops to share with you but this was our last dino stop and frankly I can't think of a better way to have wrapped up the dino trail.